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            Welcom tozhongwanjianke group ltd
            Language: 中文版 ∷  英文版
            About us

            Company introduction

            Zhongwanjianke Group is a collection of hotels, financial investment, trade and glass glass deep-processing industry group company. Members of the group are: Anhui Jianke energy-saving building materials Co. Ltd and Anhui LAN-STAR Glass Co. Ltd., landscape Oriente Hotel, financing Asset Management Co and is the formation of Anhui Guangjian glass industr…...

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            Anhui Jianke energy saving building materials Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of toughened glass, curved steel glass, LOW-E hollow glass, laminated glass, frosted glass, shutters and other glass peripheral products of deep processing enterprises. The company's annual production capacity of about 1000000 square colored glass products, after 6 yea…...

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            Address: Dangshan Economic Development Zone,Suzhou City, CHINA

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